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Japheth Amayo

Bravo! Just by beginning by looking at the numbered sub-titles in bold in this sensitive but still important topic you find that I say that it totally says the truth of what people like us among others who have the dignity can consider acknowledging to be totally TRUE. And I want to say that for me my SECURITY still remains up to now that in my MARRIAGE I was forced to take photo exhibits and video recordings of even the time when my wife is NAGGING and QUARRELING me in the presence of the children but even at the same time when she attempts to pour water on me within the neighborhood while using a cooking pot. May it be noted that I had already visited the closest Marriage Counselor in Eldoret Town who is a Psychiatrist known as Dr.Omar Aly(a peer Psychiatrist to my own anti-epileptic doctor who is Nairobi known as Dr.Fred Owit) and he wanted me go back with my wife for a MARRIAGE COUNSELING SESSION/THERAPY but up to now my wife has declined.

Counseling Jacksonville Fl

Some of this is true, however if a man trully love a woman, they need to deal it in right way with love and understanding.

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